PASSWORD : makumetal
(solo si el archivo te pide una)

Pffta la wea saben que de verdad estoy mas desanimado que la mierda wn, la vida me ha cagado en muchos aspectos...y hoy me avisan que tengo un archivo borrado y dije aa puta la wea de nuevo ojala que sea ese no mas, y me pongo a revisar y tengo como casi todo death verdad no se que hacer, no me veo con muchos animos de seguir aqui weiando de nuevo por buscar otro servidor mas.......

Porfa si les importa quien me ayudaria para tratar de darle una solucion a esta mierda? solo que me recomienden un servidor que me asegure que no se me borraran los archivos que de verdad con todo lo que es mi vida tengo pa años...solo eso y bueno denme animos...ahi en cbox acepto cualquier wea de comentario

Algo que nunca debemos olvidar:


Genero: Speed Metal(anteriormente)
Power Progressive Metal(Actual)
Tema Lírico:Cuentos Epicos, legendas/mitos, Tolkien(El Señor De Los Anillos)
Origen: Alemania(1985-Actualidad)

Formación Actual:
Hansi Kürsch - Vocals
André Olbrich - Lead Guitar
Marcus Siepen - Rhythm Guitar
Frederik Ehmke - Drums
Oliver Holzwarth -Bass
Mi Schüren - Live Keyboards

Miembros Del Pasado:
Thomas "Thomen" Stauch - Drums
Alex Holzwarth - Live Drums


Blind Guardian - Battalions of Fear (1988)

1.Majesty 07:31
2.Guardian of the Blind 05:12
3.Trial by the Archon 01:45
4.Wizard's Crown 03:50
5.Run for the Night 03:36
6.The Martyr 06:18
7.Battalions of Fear 06:09
8.By the Gates of Moria 02:53

Blind Guardian - Follow the Blind (1989)

1.Inquisition 00:41
2.Banish from Sanctuary 05:28
3.Damned for All Time 05:00
4.Follow the Blind 07:13
5.Hall of the King 04:17
6.Fast to Madness 05:59
7.Beyond the Ice 03:31
8.Valhalla 04:57
9.Barbara Ann (The Beach Boys cover) 01:43

Blind Guardian - Tales From the Twilight World (1990)

1.Traveler in Time 06:02
2.Welcome to Dying 04:50
3.Weird Dreams 01:22
4.Lord of the Rings 03:18
5.Goodbye My Friend 05:36
6.Lost in the Twilight Hall 06:02
7.Tommyknockers 05:13
8.Altair 4 02:27
9.The Last Candle 06:02
10.Run for the Night (Live) 03:44

Blind Guardian - Tokyo Tales (1993)

1.Inquisition 00:49
2.Banish from Sanctuary 06:04
3.Journey Through the Dark 05:12
4.Traveler in Time 06:43
5.The Quest for Tanelorn 06:03
6.Goodbye My Friend 06:27
7.Time What is Time 06:41
8.Majesty 07:45
9.Valhalla 06:07
10.Welcome to Dying 05:56
11.Lost in the Twilight Hall 07:25
12.Barbara Ann (Beach Boys cover) 02:57

Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond (1992)

1.Time What is Time 05:46
2.Journey Through the Dark 04:48
3.Black Chamber 00:58
4.Theatre of Pain 04:17
5.The Quest for Tanelorn 05:57
6.Ashes to Ashes 06:00
7.The Bard's Song - In the Forest 03:10
8.The Bard's Song - The Hobbit 03:54
9.The Piper's Calling 00:59
10.Somewhere Far Beyond 07:30

Blind Guardian - Imaginations From the Other Side (1995)

1.Imaginations from the Other Side 07:19
2.I'm Alive 05:31
3.A Past and Future Secret 03:48
4.The Script for My Requiem 06:09
5.Mordred's Song 05:28
6.Born in a Mourning Hall 05:14
7.Bright Eyes 05:16
8.Another Holy War 04:32
9.And the Story Ends 06:00

Blind Guardian - The Forgotten Tales (1996)

1.Mr. Sandman (The Chordettes cover) 02:10
2.Surfin' USA (Beach Boys cover) 02:25
3.Bright Eyes (acoustic version) 04:22
4.Lord of the Rings (orchestral version) 03:56
5.The Wizard (Uriah Heep cover) 03:16
6.Spread Your Wings (Queen cover) 04:14
7.Mordred's Song (acoustic version) 05:16
8.Black Chamber (orchestral version) 01:16
9.The Bard's Song - In the Forest (live) 04:12
10.Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally (Beach Boys cover) 01:45
11.A Past and Future Secret 03:47
12.To France (Mike Oldfield cover) 04:43
13.Theatre of Pain (orchestral version) 04:16

Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998)

1.War of Wrath 01:50
2.Into the Storm 04:24
3.Lammoth 00:28
4.Nightfall 05:34
5.The Minstrel 00:32
6.The Curse of Feanor 05:41
7.Captured 00:26
8.Blood Tears 05:23
9.Mirror Mirror 05:06
10.Face the Truth 00:24
11.Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns) 06:51
12.Battle of Sudden Flame 00:43
13.Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill) 04:53
14.The Dark Elf 00:23
15.Thorn 06:18
16.The Eldar 03:39
17.Nom the Wise 00:33
18.When Sorrow Sang 04:25
19.Out on the Water 00:44
20.The Steadfast 00:21
21.A Dark Passage 06:01
22.Final Chapter (Thus Ends...) 00:48

Blind Guardian - A Night at the Opera (2002)

1.Precious Jerusalem 06:22
2.Battlefield 05:37
3.Under the Ice 05:45
4.Sadly Sings Destiny 06:05
5.The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight 05:30
6.Wait for an Answer 06:30
7.The Soulforged 05:18
8.Age of False Innocence 06:06
9.Punishment Divine 05:45
10.And Then There Was Silence 14:06

Blind Guardian - Live (2003)
CD 2

Disc 1
1.War of Wrath 01:54
2.Into the Storm 04:52
3.Welcome to Dying 05:29
4.Nightfall 06:21
5.The Script for My Requiem 06:38
6.Harvest of Sorrow 03:56
7.The Soulforged 06:04
8.Valhalla 08:13
9.Majesty 08:19
10.Mordred's Song 06:47
11.Born in a Mourning Hall 05:58

Blind Guardian - A Twist in the Myth (2006)

1.This Will Never End 05:07
2.Otherland 05:14
3.Turn the Page 04:16
4.Fly 05:43
5.Carry the Blessed Home 04:03
6.Another Stranger Me 04:36
7.Straight Through the Mirror 05:48
8.Lionheart 04:15
9.Skalds and Shadows 03:13
10.The Edge 04:27
11.The New Order 04:49

Blind Guardian - Another Stranger Me (2007)

1.Another Stranger Me 04:35
2.All The King’s Horses 04:11
3.Dream A Little Dream Of Me 03:22
4.Lionheart (Demo Version) 04:10
5.The Edge (Demo Version) 04:27